Organizing Your Closet: Shoes

Now what all the ladies have been waiting for – how to organize your shoes like a pro!  Line boots (complete with boot tree) along the floor and store them during the warmer months.  Avoid back-of-the-door racks as they positions shoes too close to clothing – you never know what you tracked in.  Pile flip-flops and sneakers in a catch all bin – there’s no need to be precious.  Use a slanted holder for shoes, like this contemporary closet, so you can view then better and know what you have.


Organizing Your Closet: Accessories

Accessories are unwieldy to deal with since they’re all different sizes.  Use shelf organizers (like what they have at the library) to keep things tidy and contained.  Arrange larger bags side by side and stack flat clutches on top of one another.  Keep all suedes separated from each other – the color can transfer.

If you have the space, give your handbags their own separate space like this amazing closet!

Organizing Your Closet: The Hangables

To manage clothing like this closet, use uniform hangers for tidiness and to keep clothes at the same eye level.  To prevent slippage, fasten the top four buttons on all shirts and zip up pants. Move coats to a coat rack – they eat up space.  With delicate skirts, place a few tissues between the hanger clip and waistband to prevent marks.  Last but not least, break up suits so you remember to wear them as separates.

Organizing Your Closet: The Foldables

For an organized closet, first sort by type of garment, then by color.  If necessary, break sections down further into sleeve and hem lengths  For items that make tidy stacks – tees, sweaters, jeans -open air shelves are more accessible than a dresser.  Use a dress for socks, under garments and gym clothes.