How To Create A Dream Closet: Washer & Dryer

What would make the perfect dream closet?  It would vary based on the style of the person, but having a washing machine and dryer in the closet would even make Carrie Bradshaw jealous.

How would you design your dream closet?

How To Create A Dream Closet: Natural Light

What’s our number one thing we recommend for a dream closet?  Natural light! It’s essential when getting dressed to look your best.  We love the natural light available in this Plurimo Walk-In Closet from Jesse Italy.  

How To Create A Dream Closet: Valet Rods

In every dressing room we design, we love to include valet rods. These retractable rods pull out to give you a place to hang your future work outfit or a place to hang dry cleaning that was just picked up.